Aqua Silk

Aqua SilkSoft, silky touch pile with a cotton backing sophisticated colouring, crosswoven..


CanyonA luxuriously dense woven relief-structured heavy wilton rug in organic and vintage designsCrafted by one of Belgium’s leading manufacturers, Canyon uses an innovative manufacturing process. The rug is woven then put in an oven w..


ChamonixPure new wool made in Flanders by one of Belgium’s most exciting weavers. Soft colours and elegant designs.Quality: 300,000 points/sqm Total Weight: 2.950 gr/m2 Pile Height: 9 mm..


GalleriaA top quality wilton rug with advanced construction.Galleria has an exceptionally high density pile. Density varies according to the design effect wanted. Some areas are denser than others and lines are left out resulting in a textured surfac..


LibertyContemporary heatset wilton polypropylene rug with a dense twist pile machine woven in Flanders.Quality: 320,000 points/sqm Total Weight: 2.750 gr/m2 Pile Height: 9 mm Woven using renewable energy..


MehariSuper thick super soft heatset polypropylene. Berber style pile. Very comfortable and cosy.Manufactured to the highest standards in FlandersQuality: 212,000 points/sqm Total Weight: 3200 gr/m2 Pile Height: 25 mm Woven using renewable energy..

Mehari Berber

Mehari BerberSuper thick pile,  soft heatset polypropylene yarn. Berber styleManufactured to the highest standards in Flanders, this off-shoot of our bestselling Mehari range features popular designs originating from the weavers of the Atlas mou..


NomadNatural tones in Gabbeh designs. Dense weave and a super soft handle.Nomad is made from soft polyester yarns coloured to resemble undyed wool. Gabbeh designs come from the nomadic tribes of South-West Iran. The colours are blended beautifully an..


SkaldLustrous soft pile rug created with a mixture of yarns (52% polyester/48% pp heatset)Manufactured by one of Belgium’s leading weavers, Skald mixes designs inspired by the weavers of the Atlas mountains with cleverly blended contemporary Scandina..

Spectrum CL

Spectrum CLA superbly finished quality woven shaggy with a shiny luxurious pile.Made from 100% high quality Belgian polypropylene and polyester yarn. Heavyweight.Pile Height: 25 mm Quality: 250,000 points/sqm Total weight: 3900 gr/m² Woven using..

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